The LDWDC is a non-profit organisation run by Lao women with disabilities for Lao women with disabilities. We are here to assist people cope with their disability and advocate for the rights of  women with disabilities because too often people’s attitudes are a bigger challenge than the disability itself. Everyone has unique abilities because everyone is different.

  Our community of women with disabilities support each other, and we encourage women with disabilities to be independent by offering training in income generating activities and life skills, and, we educate women about their civil rights. We empower women. We help women to become leaders in society.

 When the world says it is not possible, the LDWDC says, YES it is possible!

Training & Projects

We offer training courses to women with disabilities and other members of society from disadvantaged backgrounds in a number of disciplines.We also have a number of different projects aimed at building the capacity of women with disabilities, alleviating poverty, teaching about environmentally friendly practices, and health. Learn more»

Support by Shopping

Graduates from the training program are employed in making handicraft, weaving and sewing products for sale. Income generated helps make employment for graduates possible and, hopefully soon contribute to the running costs. Learn more»

Visit Our Centre

The Centre is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 430pm, and by appointment on weekends. Individuals and groups are welcome. We are located near the Friendship Bridge, and Buddha Park. Learn more »
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