All of the products sold through the Lao Disabled Womens Development Centre are hand made by women with disabilities (click here to see our product range). Graduate Students, current Students and Trainers all make these products and the proceeds of their sale support the Centre’s ongoing training and advocacy activities. The Graduate Students and Trainers are paid a salary for their work whilst the students receive accommodation, food, training and a small monthly allowance as part of the Training package. To find out more about our Training, please visit the Training page.

Recycled Paper Products

The LDWDC loves to create products that are environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly! We have two recycled paper sections; one is only training and the other is handicrafts. The newspapers and magazines that are used for making these products are all donated by other organisations, so we are creating something new that has value from something old and used. The newspaper is first rolled into long thin strips, molded into different shapes, and then a thin layer of glue is applied to the outside to give it strength. All of the recycled paper products can withstand heat from kitchen appliances (such as hot pots and coffee) and are resistant to water spills. If your recycled paper product gets dirty, simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth – but they are not dishwasher friendly. View the recycled paper products range.

Paper Making

The LDWDC is environmentally conscious, and encourages the reusing and recycling of products and raw materials. At the Centre, many different kinds of paper are produced, depending on the seasonal ingredients available, and then made into products. They are (1) Mulberry, (2) Banana, (3) Silk, (4) Pineapple, (5) Lao Water Lily. 

First, the raw ingredients are gathered and boiled until they are soft and malleable. Then, the mixture is mixed until it forms a puree. After that, the mixture is smoothed onto a screen and left in the sun to dry for several days. The end result  is large, beautiful sheets of paper in natural, vibrant colours, ready to be turned into products or purchased as is.

The Centre also accepts bulk orders for customized products. An example is a greeting card, with the slogan “Merry Christmas” from organisation / company.

View the paper making products range.


Weaving is a traditional Laotian skill and the LDWDC is committed to teaching people how to weave in order to preserve the rich and diverse textile culture of Lao P.D.R. Unfortunately though, some students elect not to learn how to weave in favour of other skills because they either cannot afford a Loom at home themselves, or the village or province in which they live already has an abundance of weaving artisans.

The woven products produced by the LDWDC are high quality, traditional textiles in an array of beautiful colours and patterns. A true testament to the skills of the weaving artisan. We can also tailor make products for you, so please ask us for a quote.

View the weaving products range.


The sewing training at LDWDC is very comprehensive and high quality hand sewn and machine sewn products are produced as a result. Some of the material that we use is actually woven at LDWDC, and some material is purchased from the local markets. We mostly use cotton and silk, but we use other materials too based on what our customers want.

The Centre also encourages customized orders such as company uniforms.

 View the sewing products range.

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